‘ΩMEGA Alive’ – A Universal Streaming Event by Epica

We are thrilled to announce ‘ΩMEGA Alive’ – the streaming event that will mark our return to the stage in support of the release of our latest album, ‘ΩMEGA’.

‘ΩMEGA Alive’ will be our most explosive performance to date, loaded with visual surprises, an enormous production, and an ever-evolving stage setting. It will see us perform songs from ‘ΩMEGA’ for the first time ever, mixed with Epica classics.

After releasing our new album, ‘ΩMEGA’ earlier this year, we found ourselves with great new songs, aching to be played live, but without a stage to perform them on. We still wanted to give our fans the best possible release-show like we always do, so together with Jens de Vos from Panda Productions we came up with a way to bring the Epica experience into the homes of our fans all over the world. ‘ΩMEGA Alive’ will be Epica’s biggest show ever! We will go all out on everything we have to offer and I can tell you – it’ll be one massive audio-visual spectacle!!! Immerse yourself in the world of Epica and join us during ‘ΩMEGA Alive’.

–Coen Janssen

‘ΩMEGA Alive’ will be streamed on June 12th at 21:00 CET / 15:00 EST / 12:00 PST and will be available for 72 hours.