Requiem For The Indifferent – New 2LP Vinyl & Vintage Shirt Available

Your calls have been heard, fellow Epicans!


Also, enjoy a brand new remastered 4K version of our “Storm The Sorrow” music video:

This title refers to the end of an era. Mankind can no longer stick their head in the sand for the things that are happening around us. We are facing many challenges. There is an enormous tension between different religions and cultures, wars, natural disasters and a huge financial crisis, which is getting out of control. More than ever we will need each other to overcome these problems. As we are all connected; the universe, earth, nature, animals and human beings, this period in time will be the prelude to the end for those who still don’t want to, or simply won’t see it. A Requiem for the Indifferent but also a possibility for a new beginning with great new chances!
–Mark Jansen