Hear the Sirens’ Call as ‘The Alchemy Project’ is Out Today!

Today is the day we finally unleash The Alchemy Project – our collaboration EP featuring 13 guest bands, musicians, and… Sirens!


For this special occasion, we present you with a music video by Patric Ullaeus for the hauntingly dark, “Sirens – Of Blood And Water” featuring the wonderful ladies, Charlotte Wessels and Myrkur.


Check out the official music video for “Sirens – Of Blood And Water” featuring Charlotte Wessels and Myrkur:

Charlotte and I go back many years, but we never really worked on music together. Since she started releasing her solo songs, I became an admirer of her work and reached out to her to create a song for The Alchemy Project. That collaboration resulted in the beautiful haunting song, “Sirens – Of Blood And Water”. We both have a fascination for mermaids, the fairytale from H.C. Andersen, and wanted to write a song from the perspective of the sisters of the Little Mermaid. I loved how our creative minds flowed into the song and having Myrkur, who happens to be Danish just like the author of the tale, add her unique voice to the song was the perfect match that we needed to complete the story.
–Simone Simons