Watch the Newly Remastered 4K Music Video, “Run For A Fall (Acoustic)”

What would a 20th anniversary celebration be without our first DVD recording We Will Take You With Us, recorded in 2004 on Netherland’s renowned TV show, Twee Meter Sessies?

Long before YouTube emerged, this broadcast was a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience and you surely stumbled across the videos of “Cry For The Moon” or “Sensorium” in the depths of the Internet.

Though the CD has long been sold out, that changes September 2 when it will be available again as part of the We Still Take You With Us earbook, collector’s boxset, and CD clamshell box.

Today, we reveal one of the rarer tracks from the show…

Watch the 4K remastered “Run for a Fall (Acoustic)” music video:

This was one of the very first acoustic/small settings in which we played as a band. I have very fond memories of playing in the famous Wisseloord Studios. I also remember being very nervous because it felt so ‘naked’ in a way, but I am very happy that we have this version to look back at!
–Coen Janssen