EPICA Presents: EPICA Beer!

Together with the renowned Belgian craft beer brewery, Kazematten, we have created our very own EPICA beer!

EPICA Beer is a great combination of very different flavours. The unmistakable biscuit malt backbone, supported by an irresistible touch of honey, alternates with lovely citrus notes and a spiciness that packs a punch. With just the right amount of hoppy bitterness, EPICA has a well-balanced, refreshing taste that pairs nicely with a burger, hot wings or a pizza!

Being born and raised in Ypres (Belgium), and considering the rich history of Belgian craft beers, I didn’t have to think twice to accept the proposal of my hometown brewery to create a custom EPICA lager beer. Together with the team at Kazematten, who have been perfecting the recipe with passion, know-how and tremendous craftsmanship for the last 18 months, we came up with this easy to drink and unbelievably smooth 5,4% beer. Tasting the final result sure put a smile on the faces of everyone in the band, and we all quickly grabbed another one. Cheers!

–Isaac Delahaye