EPICA Announce Worldwide Release of the “Attack on Titan” EP!

As you might have heard, last December we released EPICA VS. Attack On Titan EP which was only available in Japan. The EP features Metal versions of the theme songs from the awesome manga turned anime series “Attack On Titan”. We are excited to announce that the EPICA VS. Attack On Titan EP will be available be released outside of Japan by Nuclear Blast on July 20th!

“The Attack on Titan EP is a project very close to my heart. More than ever I was involved in arranging and producing and I am very proud of the result! Very cool to see how these Japanese anime-songs turned into EPICA songs more and more every step of the way!!! I’m very excited that our Attack on Titan EP will be available outside of Japan.”
– Coen Janssen

We have some very cool stuff for you coming up, so stay tuned!