Karmaflow - Rock Opera Videogame

Four members of Epica will be featured in the first ever Rock Opera Videogame Karmaflow!


Karmaflow will be an immersive 3D platform/puzzle adventure game featuring several rock/metal singers, a band and the world famous Dutch Metropole Orchestra. The game is a project led by Ivo van Dijk, drummer and composer for Xystus and longtime friend of Epica, best known for his Rock Opera “Equilibrio” on which Simone had a leading role.

Arien had already been confirmed playing the drums for the soundtrack and now also Coen is confirmed playing the piano. Also both Mark and Simone will be a part of the cast of singers for the game and soundtrack alongside great names like Henning Basse ** (MaYaN, a.o.) **Elize Ryd (Amaranthe) and *Marc Hudson * (Dragonforce).

*Karmaflow * is raising money through a crowdfunding campaign to be able to realize this amazing project. Be sure to check it out and contribute to this unique project. CLICK HERE TO HELP