Cd release

Thanks to our webdesigners we can from now on update this site ourself.
So to commence our first update, here’s some official release info :

In the Benelux our cd will be released on the 17th of june, the rest of Europe will follow shortly after that with at latest Germany where it will be released on the 24th of July.

There will be two versions available:
1 CD TM-036 the normal version (with a 16 page booklet)
2 CD TME-036 the limited edition eco-book version (with a 36 page booklet!!!)

But be aware of the prices! Our record label has taken a lot of effort so that both versions could be sold at the same price. Unfortunately music stores determine their own prices and some of them won’t hesitate to charge more for a limited edition. So before you go and buy the cd make sure that you’ve first compared the prices so you’ll be sure that you don’t pay more than is necessary.