EPICA Launches “The Holographic Documentary (Episode 1)”

We have launched the first part of our in-studio documentary, which grants a little insight into the making of our upcoming album. In the first part we explain the song writing process of the The Holographic Principle.

“Halfway through 2015, EPICA started a new journey: writing and recording the 7th studio album, THE HOLOGRAPHIC PRINCIPLE,” explains guitarist Isaac Delahaye. “In between touring we spent our time in the Sandlane Recording Facilities with producer, Joost van den Broek and here’s the first part of our studio documentary! It gives you a little insight into the creation of what we see as our most complete album ever. You’ll hear rough snippets of new music, and you’ll see how we built things up. Enjoy!”

The Holographic Principle will be released on 30th September through Nuclear Blast.