Rob sits out start of the tour

Rob van der Loo:

“Yesterday I’ve experienced some serious and unexpected health issues. To make sure I can be treated correctly I have to run a couple of tests at the hospital, and my doctors also advised me to take some rest before going on full power again. Though this is hard for me to accept, it’s also something which I have to respect since health is a very precious thing. This does mean that I won’t be able to be on the European tour until all examinations are done (hopefully wihin the next couple of days). Of course I will join the band as soon as possible but unfortunately I can’t give an exact date as of yet.

I wish the rest of the band and crew all the best for the start of the tour and I really can’t wait to join!"Despite these unforseen circumstances we’ll kick off the European Tour today with a temporary solution for Rob’s absence. While we await his return we wish him a swift recovery.

The show must go on!